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CMAT Model Set – 7 General Awareness

76. When was Madan Purashkar established?

  • a. 2011 B.S
  • b. 2012 B.S
  • c. 2013 B.S
  • d. 2014 B.S

77. Which scientist invented oxygen?

  • a. J. Pristley
  • b. S. Hahnemann
  • c. W. Harvey
  • d. C. Bernard

78. At what angle is the earth tilted on its axis?

  • a. 65.6
  • b. 66.5
  • c. 67.5
  • d. 64.5

79. Who is the author of the book “Das Kapital”?

  • a. Dante
  • b. Rousseau
  • c. Karl Marx
  • d. Goethe

80. Which district is famous for coffee?

  • a. Gulmi
  • b. Ilam
  • c. palpa
  • d. sindhupalchowk

81. The infamous terrorist group “Taliban” operates in?

  • a. Iraq
  • b. Afghanistan
  • c. Syria
  • d. Pakistan

82. What is the “First Space station” called?

  • a. Salute 1
  • b. Space 1
  • c. First Space 1
  • d. First Station 1

83. Who is the wife of Krishna?

  • a. Radha
  • b. Meera
  • c. Rukmini
  • d. Gauri

84. Who is the president of USA?

  • a. Hillary Clinton
  • b. Donald Trump
  • c. Sher Bahadur Deuba
  • d. Frank-Walter Steinmeier

85. Which is the first Sanskrit school of Nepal?

  • a. Sadananda school
  • b. Sanskrit gurukul
  • c. Valmeeki Bidhyapeeth
  • d. Sanskrit Madhyamik Bidhyalaya

86. When was paper note introduced in Nepal (in B.S) ?

  • a. 2002
  • b. 2001
  • c. 2000
  • d. 1999

87. Where’s Bhimsen Thapa’s head kept ?

  • a. England
  • b. USA
  • c. France
  • d. Germany

88. In which year did Prithvi Narayan Shah died? (in B.S)?

  • a. 1829
  • b. 1830
  • c. 1831
  • d. 1832

89. Who built Pashupati temple?

  • a. Supushpa
  • b. Jaya singh Dev
  • c. Jagat Jung Rana
  • d. Prachanda Dev

90. Which is the biggest district of Nepal?

  • a. Rolpa
  • b. Dolpa
  • c. Palpa
  • d. Humla

91. How many zones in Nepal are named after river?

  • a. 10
  • b. 9
  • c. 8
  • d. 7

92. Which is the nearest mountain form Kathmandu ?

  • a. Gaurishankar
  • b. Jugal
  • c. Everest
  • d. Dhaulagiri

93. What is the maximum capacity of Kulekhani for electricity generation(in KW) ?

  • a. 55000
  • b. 60000
  • c. 50000
  • d. 45000

94. Which is the largest river in the world?

  • a. Nile
  • b. Amazon
  • c. Thames
  • d. Ural

95. Which is the oldest religion in the world?

  • a. Christianity
  • b. Islam
  • c. Hinduism
  • d. Buddhism

96. Who is known as the “poet of the world”?

  • a. John Keats
  • b. William Shakespeare
  • c. W. B Yeats
  • d. William Wordswoth

97. When is “Peace and Hiroshima Day” celebrated?

  • a. August 6th
  • b. August 7th
  • c. August 8th
  • d. August 9th

98. Who is the first Asian to receive Nobel Prize?

  • a. Kawabata Yasunari
  • b. Kenzaburo Oe
  • c. Yosef Agnon
  • d. Rabindra Nath Tagore

99. Which is the oldest language of the world?

  • a. French
  • b. Chinese
  • c. Portuguese
  • d. Urdu

100. To which team does Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton belong to?

  • a. Mercedes
  • b. Ferrari
  • c. Mclaren
  • d. Red bull

CMAT Model Set – 7 Logical Reasoning

Direction: Select logically the best answer

51. To every question there is an answer.

a. There is an answer that addresses any question.
b. If there is a question, there is an answer for it.
c. Not all answers can be answered appropriately.
d. Every discussion is bound to produce an answer.

52. Boys will be boys
a. Boys are macho men
b. Girls can never act like boys
c. Boys never worry in condition of tension
d. Young boys as well as grownups will occasionally act childish

53. Plastic handles are used in cooking materials because \
a. Plastics are good conductors of heat.
b. Plastics are bad conductors of heat.
c. Plastics burn easily.
d. Plastics are cheapest raw materials.

54. “Do not take sugar as you have diabetes” is logically similar to
a. Do not read as you have weak sight.
b. Do not speak as you are not asked to speak.
c. Do not play as you are hurt.
d. Do not work as you are already overworked.

55. Drug addicts are hated because they are criminals.
a. All criminals are hated
b. All hated are drug addicts
c. All hated are criminals.
d. Some criminals are hated

Directions: Find the odd one out

56. a. Chicago b. Seoul c. Kathmandu d. Delhi

57. a. Palace b. Temple c. Church d. Synagogue

58. a. Court b. Witness c. Lawyer d. Judge

59. a. Gallon b. Ton c. Quintal d. Kilogram

60. a. Tale b. Fable c. Parable d. Epigram

Directions: Two words on the left side of the sign (::) bears some relationship.
The same relationship exists between the third word and the word provided in the answer choices. Select the logically best word.

61. Whisper : Shout :: Walk :
a. Race b. Stop c. Run d. Stand

62. Hunger : Food :: Fatigue :
a. Rest b. Eat c. Vitamins d. Sleep

63. Amnesia : Memory :: Paralysis :
a. Movement b. Limbs c. Legs d. Handicapped

64. Cookbook : Recipes :: Manual :
a. Reviews b. Stories c. Articles d. Instructions

65. Guilt : Past :: Hope :
a. Future b. Past c. Sorrowd. Belief

Directions: Look carefully at the sequence of symbols to find the pattern in questions 66-70. Select the correct pattern

  1. If F is the brother of A, C is the daughter of A, K is the sister of F and G is
    the brother of C, then who is the uncle of G?
    a. C b. F c. A d. None
  2. A clock seen through a mirror reads quarter past three, what is the correct
    a. Quarter to nine b. Nine Thirty
    c. Quarter to ten d. Ten Thirty
  3. If ZEBRA can be written as 2652181, how can COBRA be written?
    a. 3152181 b. 302181 c. 31822151 d. 1182153
  4. If Tuesday is five days preceding day after tomorrow, then what day, will it
    be four days following tomorrow?
    a. Friday b. Thursday c. Tuesday d. Wednesday
  5. Two persons are in front one person and two persons are behind one person.
    How many persons are there if they are all facing the same direction?
    a. 3 b. 4 c. 5 d. 6

CMAT Model Set – 7 Quantitative Ability

26. What is nth term of arithmetic series 3+7+11+15+19+….?

  • a) 4n
  • b) 2n +1
  • c) 4n – 1
  • d) 3n

27. How many digits are used in writing the page numbers of the book from 1 to 500?

  • a) 1390
  • b) 1392
  • c) 1395
  • d) 1399

28. If 50100= k.10050 , what is the value of k?

  • a) 250
  • b) 2550
  • c) 5050
  • d) 10050

29. Three containers contain alcohol to water in the ratios 3:5, 1:3 and 1:1 respectively. If the solutions of the three containers are mixed in the volume ratio of 1:2:3, then what is the ratio of alcohol to water in the final solution?

  • a) 5:9
  • b) 6:7
  • c) 12:19
  • d) 19:29

30. A thief has stolen a car from the point A at 8 AM and drives it away at 50 km/hr. The theft was discovered at 10 am and the owner starts chasing the thief at 10 am at the rate of 70 km/hr. At what time the owner will catch the thief?

  • a) 2 pm
  • b) 2:30 pm
  • c) 3 pm
  • d) 5 pm

31. Two train travel in opposite direction; one at 30 km/hr. and the other at 42 km/hr. A man sitting in the slower train passes the faster train in 6s. What is the length of the faster train?

  • a) 120 m
  • b) 126 m
  • c) 140 m
  • d) 118 m

32. A alone can do a work in 25 days. B is 60 % more efficient than A & C is 50 % more efficient than B. All three of them working together will do the same work in how many days?

  • a) 3 days
  • b) 5 days
  • c) 7 days
  • d) 8 days

33. The ratio between Rohit’s and Vivek’s age at present is 5:3. Vivek is 8 years younger than Rohit. The ratio of Rohit’s age to Vivek’s age after 5 years will be :

  • a) 21 : 17
  • b) 19 : 12
  • c) 25 : 17
  • d) None of these

34. Find the slope of the line that is perpendicular to y= 2x+5 .

  • a) -2
  • b) -1/2
  • c) 2
  • d) ½

35. If the angles of a triangle are in the ratio 2:3:4, the greatest angle is

  • a) 80
  • b) 90
  • c) 100
  • d) 120

36. The arithmetic mean of x and y is 10 and their geometric mean is 8. Find the numbers.

  • a) 15,5
  • b) 14,6
  • c) 16,4
  • d) 10,10

37. A basket has 6 apples, 4 oranges, 2 bananas and 3 mangoes, if two fruits are picked randomly, what is the probability that both are apples?

  • a) 1/6
  • b) 1/3
  • c) 2/15
  • d) 1/7

38. Without stoppage, a train travels a distance of 120 km in 2 hours. and with stoppage, it covers the same distance in 3 hrs. On an average, how many minutes per hour does the train stop during the journey?

  • a) 12 minutes
  • b) 15 minutes
  • c) 18 minutes
  • d) 20 minutes

39. Two successive discounts of 20% and 15% is equivalent to single discount of

  • a) 36%
  • b) 35%
  • c) 32%
  • d) 30%

40. 1/2 and 1/4 quantities of alcohol are there in two similar glasses. They are filled with water to make the glass full. What is the ratio of water to alcohol in the new mixture?

  • a) 3:5
  • b) 5:3
  • c) 4:4
  • d) 3:2

41. What is the diagonal of a rectangle with perimeter and area, 28m and 48m2 respectively?

  • a) 144 m
  • b) 12 m
  • c) 10 m
  • d) 5 m

42. Find the marks obtained by two students in an examination such that the marks secured by one of them were 10 more than the other and his marks was 60% of the sum of their marks.

  • a) 33, 43
  • b) 21, 31
  • c) 30, 20
  • d) 42, 52

43. Find out the price at which Rahul buys the suitcase if he bought a suitcase with 15% discount on the labelled price and he sold the suitcase with 20% profit on the labelled price for Rs.2880?

  • a) Rs.2040
  • b) Rs.2400
  • c) Rs.2604
  • d) Rs.2640

44. If two dice are thrown simultaneously then the probability that the sum is neither 6 nor 8?

  • a) 5/18
  • b) 13/18
  • c) 7/18
  • d) 11/18

45. There is a rectangular garden having dimension 20m × 30m. There is a jogging track inside the garden along its perimeter. The width of the track is uniform and it is equal to 2m. Find the total area of the jogging track?

  • a) 104 m2
  • b) 108 m2
  • c) 136 m2
  • d) 156 m2

46. If 32 a + b = 16 a + 3 b , what is the value of a?

  • a) b
  • b) 2b
  • c) 3b
  • d) b+2

47. If all the rearrangements of the word AMAZON are considered, what is the  probability that Mwill feature between the 2As?

  • a) 1/3
  • b) 1/15
  • c) 2/5
  • d) 3/8

48. 2a + 5b = 103. How many pairs of positive integer values can a, b take such that a > b?

  • a) 7
  • b) 9
  • c) 14
  • d) 15

49. A geometric mean is always ………… arithmetic mean of any two numbers greater than 1.

  • a) greater than
  • b) smaller than
  • c) equal to
  • d) greater or smaller but not equal to

50. Which of the following statements have to be true?

i. No year can have 5 Sundays in the month of May and 5 Thursdays in the month of June.
ii. If Feb 14th of a certain year is a Friday, May 14th of the same year cannot be a Thursday
iii. If a year has 53 Sundays, it can have 5 Mondays in the month of May.

  • a) ii only
  • b) iii only
  • c) i and iii only
  • d) none

CMAT Model Set – 7 Verbal Ability

Choose the correct synonym for the given word

1. Gauche

  • a. Aimless
  • b. Tactless
  • c. Shameless
  • d. Hopeless

2. Irascible

  • a. Erasable
  • b. Strong
  • c. Wrathful
  • d. Spectacular

3. Nudge

  • a. Push
  • b. Count
  • c. Focus
  • d. Void

4. Brusque

  • a. Antique
  • b. Bulky
  • c. Rough
  • d. Fearless

5. Skedaddle

  • a. Make a loud sound
  • b. Shoot
  • c. Make a fake story
  • d. Run away

Choose the correct meaning of the following phrasal verbs

6. Bear out

  • a. Bear the trouble
  • b. To withdraw
  • c. To support
  • d. To bring to an end

7. Come about

  • a. To happen
  • b. To arrive
  • c. To meet by chance
  • d. To succeed

8. Fall out

  • a. To quarrel
  • b. To drop
  • c. To leave
  • d. To reduce

9. Give in

  • a. To distribute
  • b. Surrender
  • c. Recover
  • d. Tolerate

10. Set on

  • a. start
  • b. Pay attention
  • c. Establish a new business
  • d. Attack

Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition

11. The rabbit lay hidden _______ the bushes

  • a. among
  • b. between
  • c. in
  • d. on

12. ________ the rules, you are not entitled to any leave

  • a. in
  • b. under
  • c. at
  • d. through

13. _______all his qualifications, he could not do well

  • a. for
  • b. with
  • c. above
  • d. over

14. We deal _____ deception.

  • a. for
  • b. at
  • c. on
  • d. in

15. I don’t plan ______ changing.

  • a. to
  • b. in
  • c. for
  • d. on

Choose the correct option as suggested in the question below

16. She is watching _____ television

  • a. a
  • b. the
  • c. X
  • d. an

17. Which will be the correct distributive determiner in the sentence below

I enjoyed ________ moment of my stay here.

  • a. each
  • b. every
  • c. all
  • d. both each and every

18. Which punctuation marks goes in the blank below?

He is a rude guy ____ however, he is very kind to children.

  • a. ; (semi colon)
  • b. : (colon)
  • c. no punctuation
  • d. – (hyphen)

19. The antonym of the word folly is?

  • a. rigid
  • b. wisdom
  • c. fake
  • d. discord

20. The correct meaning of the idiom “eye-wash” is?

  • a. unexpected
  • b. clean
  • c. definite
  • d. deceptive

Read the passage below and choose the correct answers:
Internet Slang
Slang is often taken from social media as a sign of social awareness and shared knowledge of popular culture. This particular branch of slang has become more prevalent since the early 2000s as a result of the rise in popularity of social
networking services, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This has created new vocabularies associated with each new social media venue, such as the use of the term “friending” on Facebook, which is a “verification” of “friend” used to describe the process of adding a new person to one’s list of friends on the website. This term is much older than Facebook, but has only recently entered the popular lexicon. Unlike most slang, social media slang is often not spoken aloud in conversation, but rather written, though it is still not viewed as acceptable in a formal setting. Usually, slangs are considered taboo and squalor of language. Other examples of the slang found in social media include a general trend toward shortened words or acronyms. These are especially associated with services such as Twitter, which has a 140 character limit for each message and therefore requires a briefer, more condensed manner of communication. This includes the use of hashtags which explicitly state the main content of a message or image, such as #food or #photography

21. Slang is all about

a. Creating new vocabularies
b. Trending or showing off in social networking sites
c. Using acronyms, verbs, hashtags
d. Creating buzz and trends

22. Meaning of lexicon is

  • a. Network
  • b.Glossary
  • c. Fashion
  • d. Dimension.

23. Hashtags are meant to be used for

  • a. Uploading pictures and messages on social networking sites
  • b. Creating a trend (usually on twitter)
  • c. Creating a network on related words
  • d. Putting emphasis on main issue

24. The internet slang and its usage is

  • a. Termed as popular culture among the youths
  • b. Not precisely acceptable in all social and formal setting so is rather unacceptable
  • c. More popular in western nations than on the east
  • d. A taboo and must be discouraged

25. The major opprobrium of slang is that:

  • a. Slangs are considered a degradation of language
  • b. Slangs create a trend and makes it easier to communicate in social media
  • c. Slangs are only used in written and online space
  • d. Slangs were not popular before early 2000s.


CMAT Model Set 6 – General Knowledge

76. The most populated city in the world is:

  • a. Delhi
  • b. Bangkok
  • c. London
  • d. Tokyo

77. Which of the following is not a news agency?

  • a. PTI
  • b. AP
  • c. GATT
  • d. AFP

78. Which company’s slogan is “Let’s make things better”?

  • a. General Electric
  • b. Philips
  • c. BPL
  • d. Tata

79. Preference shareholders get:

  • a. Interest
  • b. Bonus
  • c. Dividend
  • d. Premium

80. Which sports person is known as the “Sultan of reverse swing”?

  • a. JavedMianad
  • b. SohaibAkhtar
  • c. WasimAkram
  • d. Waqar Younis

81. What is the length of Araniko Highway?

  • a. 114km
  • b. 193km
  • c. 174km
  • d. 180km

82. To which country the Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden belong to?

  • a. Afghanistan
  • b. Saudi Arabia
  • c. Iraq
  • d. Iran

83. Nepal’s 1st five-year plan was launched in:

  • a. 1961
  • b. 1956
  • c. 1947
  • d. 1972

84. AH1N1 is the virus that causes:

  • a. swine flu
  • b. bird flu
  • c. SARS
  • d. rabies

85. The upward rise in the stock market is called:

  • a. Bull market
  • b. Bear market
  • c. Ox market
  • d. Dog market

86. The downward rise in the stock market is called:

  • a. Bear market
  • b. Bull market
  • c. Tiger market
  • d. Lion market

87. The brand name “Raymond” is associated with:

  • a. cement
  • b. clothing
  • c. biscuits
  • d. cosmetics

88. Which country is the largest producer of Uranium?

  • a. Canada
  • b. Russia
  • c. Iran
  • d. USA

89. What is the index of Nepal in WTO membership?

  • a. 146
  • b. 148
  • c. 147
  • d. 151

90. Which temple is portrayed in Rs. 100 note?

  • a. Nyatapole
  • b. Pashupatinath
  • c. Swoyambhunath
  • d. Krishna Mandir

91. Which was the former capital of Pakistan?

  • a. Karachi
  • b. Lahore
  • c. Amritsar
  • d. Peshawar

92. Swahili is the national language of

  • a. Sri Lanka
  • b. Kenya
  • c. Saudi Arabi
  • d. Afghanistan

93. Which country is the largest importer of Nepalese goods?

  • a. USA
  • b. Germany
  • c. Japan
  • d. India

94. The official license of ownership of invention by its inventor for a certain period of time is

  • a. License
  • b. Copyright
  • c. Patent
  • d. Trademark

95. The market with only one seller is called

  • a. monopoly
  • b. monopsony
  • c. oligopoly
  • d. monopsony

96. The period of severely low economic activities is known as

  • a. boom
  • b. stagflation
  • c. recession
  • d. depression

97. When was the computer 1st introduced in Nepal?

  • a. 1971
  • b. 1972
  • c. 197
  • d. none

98. How many countries participated in the 2018 Winter Olympics?

  • a. 98
  • b. 99
  • c. 204
  • d. 205

99. When was Kathmandu University established in Nepal?

  • a. 2048 BS
  • b. 2055 BS
  • c. 2051 BS
  • d. 2049 BS

100. Which is the least corrupt country of South Asia according to the Transparency Int’l Report of 2016?

  • a. Nepal
  • b. Sri Lanka
  • c. Maldives
  • d. Bhutan

CMAT Model Set 6 – Logical Reasoning

Direction: Spot the odd one out


  • a) Rara
  • b) Trishuli
  • c) Phewa
  • d) Phoksundo


  • a) Horse
  • b) Sparrow
  • c) Cow
  • d) Pig


  • a) accelerator
  • b) petrol
  • c) brake
  • d) steering wheel


  • a) soil
  • b) food
  • c) water
  • d) fruit


  • a) bringer
  • b) Orange
  • c) Apple
  • d) grapes

56. A man said to a woman “Your brother’s only sister is my mother”. How is the man related to woman

  • a) Nephew
  • b) Son-in- law
  • c) Husband
  • d) Son

57. A glass gull of Beer weights 1 kg and the glass and half full of Beer weights ¾ kg. What is the weight of glass?

  • a) 1/2 kg
  • b)1/4 kg
  • c)1/8 kg
  • d) 1/3 kg

58. Which word comes last in Dictionary?

  • a) Ensure
  • b) Enslave
  • c) Ensnare
  • d) Ensign

59. If English Alphabets are written in reverse order, what will be the 4th letter to the right of the 13th letter from the left?

  • a) J
  • b) L
  • c) K
  • d) M

60. Which word cannot be formed from MADRID?

  • a) RAM
  • b) MARRA
  • c) DREAM
  • d) AMARD

Direction: In each series, look for the degree and direction of change between the numbers. In other words do the number increase or decrease and by how much and determine what number should come next?

61. Look at the series:66,77,88,99….

  • a) 44
  • b) 55
  • c) 110
  • d) 100

62. Look at the series:3,4,7,8,11,12…

  • a) 7
  • b) 10
  • c) 14
  • d) 15

63. Look at the series: 14, 28, 20, 40, 32, 64 …

  • a) 52
  • b) 96
  • c) 56
  • d) 128

64. Look at the series: 5.2, 4.8, 4.4, …

  • a) 3
  • b) 3.5
  • c) 3.3
  • d) 3.6

65. Look at the series: 8, 6, 9, 23, 87, …

  • a) 128
  • b) 226
  • c) 324
  • d) 429

Direction: Logically decode the given questions

66. If CROW is codded as RWCO, what should be WORK?

  • a) OKWR
  • b) KROW
  • c) ROWK
  • d) WKRO

67. If PALE is coded as 2134, Earth is coded as 415490, how can PEARL be coded in that language?

  • a) 25430
  • b) 29530
  • c) 25413
  • d) 24153

68. If ZEBRA can be written as 2652181, how can COBRA be written?

  • a) 302181
  • b) 3152181
  • c) 31822151
  • d) 1182153

69. If ‘eraser’ is called ‘box’, ‘box’ is called ‘pencil’, ‘pencil’ is called ‘sharpner’ and ‘sharpner’ is called ‘bag’, what will a child write with?

  • a) eraser
  • b) bag
  • c) pencil
  • d) sharpner

70. If FRIEND is coded as HUMJTK, then CANDLE written in that code?

  • a) EDRIRL
  • b) DCQHQK
  • c) ESJFME
  • d) FYOBOC

Direction: Two statement are given each followed by four answer choices.
Select the best answer choice which is logically based on the arguments in the given statement

71. All is fair in love and war.

  • a) normal rules of society should be applied in every situation of life.
  • b) everything wrong, unethical, etc. that is done can be excused
  • c) person conflict of emotional involvemet shouldn’t be given priority in life
  • d) kings can do anything in people’s life

72. Smoking is dangerous still people smoke.

  • a) people smoke out a of pleasure
  • b) it will effect of smoking is rumour only
  • c) smoking pollutes environment
  • d) passive smoking is not so bad

73. Beauty is only skin deep.

  • a) the beautiful appearance isn’t as important as inner quality
  • b) beauty lies on the complexion of a girl
  • c) everything that glitters is like gold
  • d) what matters is what one looks outside: it doesn’t matter how ugly one is beneath

74. Brittle things break easily.

  • a) all hard things are brittle
  • b) some hard things break easily
  • c) some hard things are brittle and can be broken
  • d) steel is unbreakable because it is very hard

75. Akabar was popular because he was secular.

  • a) all seculars are popular
  • b) all popular are seculars
  • c) only seculars are populars
  • d) none of these


CMAT Model Set 6 – Quantitative Ability

26. 10 cats caught 10 rats in 10 seconds. How many cats are required to catch 100 rats in 100 seconds?

  • a.100
  • b.10
  • c.20
  • d.50

27. A two-digit number is such that the product of the digits is 24. When 45 is added to the number, the digits interchange their places. Find the number.

  • a. 38
  • b.64
  • c.74
  • d.83

28. Two identical bottles A and B of sweet drinks contain sugar such that 30% of sugar in A is equal to 40% sugar in b. The ratio of sugar in the two bottles is

  • a.4 : 3
  • b.3 : 4
  • c.12 : 1
  • d.1 : 12

29. Find the area of an equilateral triangle of perimeter 36 cms

  • a.41 c m2
  • b.36 c m2
  • c.36 √3cm2
  • d.18 √3cm2

30. KP and PK can do a piece of work in 20 days and 50 days respectively. They both started the work together and PK left after 5 days. In how many days will KP finish the remaining work?

  • a.10
  • b.13
  • c.12
  • d.14

31. The sum of the present age of the father and his daughter is 42 years. 7 years later, the father will be 3 times old than the daughter. The present age of the father is

  • a. 32
  • b. 28
  • c. 35
  • d. 33

32. What number must be added to 6, 16, and 8 to get an average of 13?

  • a. 22
  • b. 25
  • c.20
  • d. 18

33. What is the ratio of 12 minutes to 1 hour?

  • a.2/3
  • b.¾
  • c. 1/5
  • d. ¼

34. A man wants to reach a window that is 40 feet above the ground. The distance from the foot of the ladder to the wall is 9 feet. How long should the ladder be?

  • a. 9 feet
  • b. 81 feet
  • c. 41 feet
  • d. 49 feet

35. There are eight mango trees in a straight line. The distance between each mango tree with other is 3 meters. What is the distance between the first tree and the eighth tree?

  • a. 24 m
  • b.27 m
  • c. 30 m
  • d. 21 m

36. 4 men & 6 women can complete a work in 8 days, while 3 men and 7 women can complete it in 10 days. In how many days will 10 women complete it?

  • a. 35 days
  • b.40 days
  • c. 30 days
  • d. 25 days

37. A student is ranked 13th from right and 8th from left. How many students are there in total?

  • a. 18
  • b. 19
  • c. 20
  • d. 21

38. A father is 30 years older than his son. He will be three times as old as his son after 5 years. What is the father’s present age?

  • a. 35
  • b. 45
  • c. 40
  • d. 30

39. 40. 5x+5−x=25 1/25, solve

  • a.4
  • b. ± 2
  • c.±3
  • d.5

40. A two digit number is three times the sum of its digits. If 45 is added to it, the digits are reversed. The number is

  • a. 23
  • b. 32
  • c. 27
  • d. 72

41. Three years ago the average age of A and B was 18 years. If C joins them today, the average becomes 22 years. How old is C now?

  • a. 27
  • b. 24
  • c. 30
  • d. 28

42. A square garden has fourteen posts along each side at equal intervals. Find how many posts are there on all four sides.

  • a. 56
  • b. 44
  • c. 52
  • d. 60

43. The ratio of daily wages of two workers is 4 : 3 and one gets daily Rs 9 more than the other, what are their daily wages?

  • a.Rs 80 and Rs 60
  • b.Rs 60 and Rs 45
  • c.Rs 36 and Rs 27
  • d.Rs 32 and Rs 24

44. A hawker purchased oranges at the rate of 4 oranges per rupee, but he sells at the rate of 5 oranges per rupee. His loss is:

  • a. 25%
  • b.50%
  • c.15%
  • d. 20%

45. If A : B = 3 : 4, C : B = 5 : 4, C : D = 10 : 9, then A : B : C : D is

  • a. 8 : 6 : 9 : 10
  • b.8 : 6 : 10 : 9
  • c.6 : 8 : 10 : 9
  • d. 6 : 8 : 9 : 10

46. A goat is tied to one corner of a square plot of side 12m by a rope 7m long. Find the area it can graze?

  • a. 155 sq.m
  • b.19.25 sq.m
  • c.144 sq.m
  • d.38.5 sq.m

47. 42 oranges are distributed among some boys and girls. If each boy gets 3, then each girl gets 6. But if each boy gets 6 and each girl gets 3, it needs 6 more. The number of girls is

  • a. 10
  • b. 8
  • c. 6
  • d. 4

48. A mobile phone is sold at Rs 20,700 after 10% discount with 15% VAT. Find the amount of VAT

  • a.2200
  • b.2300
  • c.2500
  • d. Rs 2700

49. If 30% of a number is 12.6, find the number?

  • a. 45
  • b. 8
  • c. 40
  • d. 42

50. A coin is placed on a plain paper. How many coins of the same size can be placed around it so that each of the coins touches its adjacent ones ?

  • a. 4
  • b. 5
  • c. 6
  • d. 7

CMAT Model Set 6 – Verbal Ability

Verbal Ability
Direction: Choose the correct meaning of idioms and phrases

1. To back the wrong horse.
  • a. To follow wrong horse
  • b. To follow the wrong person
  • c. To help the wrong person
  • d. To help the right person
2. To set one’s face against
  • a. to oppose with determination
  • b. to judge by appearance
  • c. to get out in difficulty
  • d. to look at one steadily
3. To call a spade a spade
  • a. To tell spade is a spade
  • b. To manipulated things
  • c. Speak truth
  • d. To speak in owns favor
4. A man of straw
  • a. a man of no substance
  • b. a very active person
  • c. a worthy fellow
  • d. an unreasonable person
5. To hit the nail right on the head
  • a. to do the right thing
  • b. to destroy one’s reputation
  • c. to announce one’s fixed views
  • d. to teach someone a lesson

Direction: Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate options.

The last decade has been …(6)… for management education and development. When the economies of most western countries were faltering in the early 1980s there were …(7)… cuts in both corporate training and in higher education. During the boom years of the mid-1980s, there was some reactivity in both areas. In the early 1990s industrialized countries were in the …(8)… of another service recession and a light retrenchment was to be reasonably …(9)…throughout the training world. But this is not the case so far.
Many leading companies are asserting their belief in training as the key to future competitiveness and governments have …(10)… an era of rapid expansion.

6. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate options.
  • a. dogmatic
  • b. paradoxical
  • c. outstanding
  • d.sluggish
7. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate options.
  • a. severe
  • b. judicious
  • c. marginal
  • d. proportionate
8. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate options.
  • a. area
  • b. mood
  • c. grip
  • d. light
9. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate options.
  • a. fabricated
  • b. projected
  • c. lamented
  • d.expected
10. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate options.
  • a. encouraged
  • b. established
  • c. preached
  • d. circulate

Direction: Out of the given options choose the correct word which very closely fits each definition.

11. Disbeliever in God:
  • a. Agnostic
  • b. Atheist
  • c. Theologist
  • d. Altruist
12. Connoisseur of choice food:
  • a. Gourmet
  • b. Gregarious
  • c. Glutton
  • d. Greedy
13. Study of diseases:
  • a. Philology
  • b. Pathology
  • c. Phrenology
  • d. Pharmacology
14. Custom of having many wives:
  • a. Matrimony
  • b. Bigamy
  • c. Polygamy
  • d. Monogamy
15. Property inherited from one’s parents or ancestors:
  • a. Matrimony
  • b. Alimony
  • c. Patricide
  • d. Patrimony

Choose the correct synonym of each of the CAPITALIZED words.

  • a. Victorian
  • b. bombastic
  • c. verbose
  • d. ambiguous
  • a. Misty
  • b. Confused
  • c. Hazy
  • d. Nimble
18. Enthrall
  • a. captivate
  • b. free
  • c. surround
  • d. exclude
  • a. Pretext
  • b. Sublime
  • c. Awesome
  • d. Overindulgence
  • a. Astronomy
  • b. Magic
  • c. Witchcraft
  • d. Necromancy

Direction: Pick out the most effective word(s) from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

21. Man does not live by …… alone.
  • a. food
  • b. bread
  • c. meals
  • d. diet
22. After the rain the weather …… and the sun came out.
  • a. cleared out
  • b. cleared up
  • c. cleared away
  • d. cleared off
23. Government buildings are …… on Republic day.
  • a. enlightened
  • b. lightened
  • c. illuminated
  • d. glowed
24. The stenographer is very efficient. He is …… to his firm.
  • a. a boon
  • b. a credit
  • c. a blessing
  • d. an asset
25. The boy was cured …… typhoid.
  • a. from
  • b. of
  • c. for
  • d. through

CMAT TU Entrance Exam Model – II Verbal Ability

Direction: Choose the words which are exactly the opposite of the given words.
1. Provocation
a. Vocation
b. Pacification
c. Peace
d. destruction

2. Subservient
a. Aggressive
b. Straight-forward
c. Dignified
d. Supercilious
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3. Lend
a. Borrow
b. Cheat
c. Pawn
d. Hire
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4. Faint-hearted
a. Warm-hearted
b. full-blooded
c. Hot-blooded
d. Stout-hearted
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Direction: Select the word which is closest to the meaning of the word.
5. Feeble
a. Weak
b. Arrogant
c. Vain
d. Sick
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6. Transient
a. Transparent
b. fleeting
c. Feeble
d. Fanciful
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7. Bare
a. Uncovered
b. Tolerate
c. Clear
d. Neat
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8. Repeal
a. Sanction
b. Perpetuate
c. Pass
d. Cancel
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Direction: Choose the correct meaning of proverb/idiom.
9. To smell a rat
a. To see signs of plague epidemic
b.To get bad smell of a bad dead rat
c. To suspect foul dealings
d.To be in bad mood
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10. To set one’s face against
a. To oppose with determination
b. To judge by appearance
c. To get out of difficulty
d. To look at one steadily
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Direction: Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of idiom/phrase underlined in the sentence.
11. Sobhraj could be easily arrested because the police were tipped off in advance.
a. Toppled over
b. Bribed
c. Threatened
d. Given advance information
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12. I met him after a long time, but he gave me the cold shoulder.
a. Scolded me
b. Insulted me
c. Abused me
d. Ignored me
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13. He passed himself as a nobleman.
a. Was regarded as
b. Pretended to be
c. Was thought to be
d. Was looked upon
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14. The small child does whatever his father was done.
a. does
b. did
c. has done
d. had done
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15. There are not many men who are so famous that they are frequently referred to by their short names.
a. initials
b. signatures
c. pictures
d. middle names
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Direction: Pick out the most effective word.
16. Fate smiles…..those who untiringly grapple with stark realities of life.
a. with
b. over
c. on
d. round
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17. The miser gazed… the pile of gold coins in front of him.
a. avidly
b. admiringly
c. thoughtfully
d. earnestly
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18. Catching the earlier train will give us the… do some shopping.
a. chance
b. luck
c. possibility
d. occasion
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Direction: Make a correct sentence from the following words.
19. i) I ii) immediately iii) salary iv) my v)want
a. iv,iii,i,ii,v
b. I,v,iv,iii,ii
c. iv,ii,iii,v,i
d. iv,v,i,iii,ii
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20. i) of ii) we iii) heard iv) him v)had
a. ii,v,iii,I,iv
b. iv,ii,iii,v,i
c. v,ii,iii,iv,i
d. ii,v,iv,iii,i
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21. i) do ii) today iii) you iv) must v) it
a. iii,iv,I,v,ii
b. ii,v,iv,I,iii
c. i,ii,v,iv,iii
d. v,I,iii,ii,iv
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Direction: Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end picking the most suitable response to the each questions.
It is to progress in the human science that we must look undo the evils have resulted from knowledge of physical world hastily and superficially acquired by population unconscious of the changes in them that the new knowledge has imperative. The read to a happier world that any known in the past lies open before us if atavistic destructive passion can be kept leash while the necessary adaption are made. Fears are inevitable in time, but hopes are equally rational and far more likely to bear good fruit. We must learn to think rather less of the dangers to be avoided than of the good that will lie and let it dominate our thoughts. Science, whatever unpleasant consequences it may have by the way, is in its very nature a liberator, a liberator of bondage to physical nature and in time to come, a liberator from the on the threshold of utter disaster or unprecedentedly glorious achievement . No previous age has been fraught with problems. So momentous, and it is to science that we must look to for a happy life.
22. What does science liberate from?
a. Fears and descriptive passion
b. Slavery to physical nature and from passion
c. Bondage to physical nature
d. Idealistic hopes of glorious future
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23. Should human sciences be developed because they will
a. Provide more knowledge of the physical world
b. Make us conscious of the changing world
c. Make us conscious of the changing in ourselves
d. Eliminate the destruction caused by a superficial knowledge of the physical world
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24. If man’s bestial yearning is controlled
a. The future will be tolerable
b. The future will be brighter than the present
c. The present will be brighter than the future
d. The present will become tolerable
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25. Fears and hopes according to the author
a. Are closely linked with the life of modern man
b. Can yield good result
c. Can bear fruit
d. Are irrational
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CMAT TU Entrance Exam Model – I General Awareness

Section IV: General Awareness
76. Which is the first industry of Nepal?
a. Biratnagar Jute mills
b. Biratnagar Sugar Mills
c. Hetauda Cement Factory
d. Janakpur Cigarette Factory
77. What is the scientific name of snow leopard?
a. panther tigris
b. panther snow
c. panther maximus
d. panther unicia
78. Which is the first Nepalese bank to get ISO standard?
b. Standard Chartered Bank
c. NABIL Bank
d. NIC Bank
79. Revolon is brand name used for
a. Cosmetics
b. Sports ware
c. Glass ware
d. Pharmaceytical
80. Which famous brand has tagline “Bring Home Europe’s Finest”?
a. Sony
b. Philips
c. Beko
d. Kohle
81. When did Nepal establish a diplomatic relation with Britain?
a. 1814
b. 1818
c. 1820
d. 1822
82. Which bank installed the 1st ATM machine in Nepal?
a. Himalayan Bank
b. NABIL Bank
c. Kumari Bank
83. What is the full form of ACCA
a. Association of Chartered Cost Accountants
b. Association of Certified Chartered Accountants
c. Authorized Certified Chartered Accountants
d. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
84. Who won the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 held in England?
a. South Africa
b. West Indies
c. Australia
d. England
85. Who built the Rani Mahal of Palpa?
a. Chandra Sumsher
b. RudraSen
c. KhadgaSumsher
d. Pratap Malla
86. Who won the Madan Prize 2073 BS?
a. Ram Lal Joshi
b. Ghanashyam Kandel
c.Yuvraj Nayaghare
d. Lil Bahadur Chettri
87 Atlantic Charter gave rise to which organization?
a. EU
b. UNO
c. WTO
d. World Bank
88. Which country is going to host the FIFA World Cup 2018?
a. Russia
b. Qatar
c. Germany
d. Argentina
89. Who is the author of the Novel “PagalBasti”?
a. Jhamak Kumari Ghimire
b. Buddisagar
c. Sarubhakta
d. Amar Neupane
90. On which day is “Corporate Post” of TKP published?
a. Sunday
b. Monday
c. Friday
d. Wednesday
91. OSLO BARS is the stock market of which country?
a. USA
b. Norway
c. Germany
d. China
92. Dual Factorial Theory of Motivation is explained by
a. Abraham Maslow
b. Frederick Herzberg
c. Victor Shiklovosky
d. David McClelland
93. What is the total capacity of BudhiGandaki Hydropower Project?
a. 600 MW
b. 750 MW
c. 546 MW
d. 650 MW
94. SAFTA has come into effect from
a. Jan 1, 2006
b. Jan 1, 2010
c. June 1, 2005
d. June 1, 2008
95. Which is the country to gain independence on Jan 14, 2011?
a. East Timor
b. Montenegro
c. Biafra
d. South Sudan
96. What does PPP signify in Economics?
a. Purchasing Pay Power
b. Public Private Partnership
c. Public Purchasing Power
d. Purchasing Power Parity
97. When is “NRN Day”?
a. June 11
b. Sept. 12
c. Nov. 14
d. Oct. 1
98. Who was the pioneer of “Green Revolution”?
a. Sundar La lBahuguna
b. Dr. Norman Borlaug
c. Mahbub U lHaq
d. William P. Grant
99. ‘Thinking forward, Moving forward’ is the slogan of
a. Sanima Bank
b. Civil Bank
c. Mega Bank
d. NIC Asia
100. The organization of developing countries is
a. G 8
b. G 16
c. G 20
d. UNO
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