CMAT Model Set 6 – Verbal Ability

Verbal Ability
Direction: Choose the correct meaning of idioms and phrases

1. To back the wrong horse.
  • a. To follow wrong horse
  • b. To follow the wrong person
  • c. To help the wrong person
  • d. To help the right person
2. To set one’s face against
  • a. to oppose with determination
  • b. to judge by appearance
  • c. to get out in difficulty
  • d. to look at one steadily
3. To call a spade a spade
  • a. To tell spade is a spade
  • b. To manipulated things
  • c. Speak truth
  • d. To speak in owns favor
4. A man of straw
  • a. a man of no substance
  • b. a very active person
  • c. a worthy fellow
  • d. an unreasonable person
5. To hit the nail right on the head
  • a. to do the right thing
  • b. to destroy one’s reputation
  • c. to announce one’s fixed views
  • d. to teach someone a lesson

Direction: Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate options.

The last decade has been …(6)… for management education and development. When the economies of most western countries were faltering in the early 1980s there were …(7)… cuts in both corporate training and in higher education. During the boom years of the mid-1980s, there was some reactivity in both areas. In the early 1990s industrialized countries were in the …(8)… of another service recession and a light retrenchment was to be reasonably …(9)…throughout the training world. But this is not the case so far.
Many leading companies are asserting their belief in training as the key to future competitiveness and governments have …(10)… an era of rapid expansion.

6. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate options.
  • a. dogmatic
  • b. paradoxical
  • c. outstanding
  • d.sluggish
7. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate options.
  • a. severe
  • b. judicious
  • c. marginal
  • d. proportionate
8. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate options.
  • a. area
  • b. mood
  • c. grip
  • d. light
9. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate options.
  • a. fabricated
  • b. projected
  • c. lamented
  • d.expected
10. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate options.
  • a. encouraged
  • b. established
  • c. preached
  • d. circulate

Direction: Out of the given options choose the correct word which very closely fits each definition.

11. Disbeliever in God:
  • a. Agnostic
  • b. Atheist
  • c. Theologist
  • d. Altruist
12. Connoisseur of choice food:
  • a. Gourmet
  • b. Gregarious
  • c. Glutton
  • d. Greedy
13. Study of diseases:
  • a. Philology
  • b. Pathology
  • c. Phrenology
  • d. Pharmacology
14. Custom of having many wives:
  • a. Matrimony
  • b. Bigamy
  • c. Polygamy
  • d. Monogamy
15. Property inherited from one’s parents or ancestors:
  • a. Matrimony
  • b. Alimony
  • c. Patricide
  • d. Patrimony

Choose the correct synonym of each of the CAPITALIZED words.

  • a. Victorian
  • b. bombastic
  • c. verbose
  • d. ambiguous
  • a. Misty
  • b. Confused
  • c. Hazy
  • d. Nimble
18. Enthrall
  • a. captivate
  • b. free
  • c. surround
  • d. exclude
  • a. Pretext
  • b. Sublime
  • c. Awesome
  • d. Overindulgence
  • a. Astronomy
  • b. Magic
  • c. Witchcraft
  • d. Necromancy

Direction: Pick out the most effective word(s) from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

21. Man does not live by …… alone.
  • a. food
  • b. bread
  • c. meals
  • d. diet
22. After the rain the weather …… and the sun came out.
  • a. cleared out
  • b. cleared up
  • c. cleared away
  • d. cleared off
23. Government buildings are …… on Republic day.
  • a. enlightened
  • b. lightened
  • c. illuminated
  • d. glowed
24. The stenographer is very efficient. He is …… to his firm.
  • a. a boon
  • b. a credit
  • c. a blessing
  • d. an asset
25. The boy was cured …… typhoid.
  • a. from
  • b. of
  • c. for
  • d. through

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