CMAT Model Set – 7 Logical Reasoning

Direction: Select logically the best answer

51. To every question there is an answer.

a. There is an answer that addresses any question.
b. If there is a question, there is an answer for it.
c. Not all answers can be answered appropriately.
d. Every discussion is bound to produce an answer.

52. Boys will be boys
a. Boys are macho men
b. Girls can never act like boys
c. Boys never worry in condition of tension
d. Young boys as well as grownups will occasionally act childish

53. Plastic handles are used in cooking materials because \
a. Plastics are good conductors of heat.
b. Plastics are bad conductors of heat.
c. Plastics burn easily.
d. Plastics are cheapest raw materials.

54. “Do not take sugar as you have diabetes” is logically similar to
a. Do not read as you have weak sight.
b. Do not speak as you are not asked to speak.
c. Do not play as you are hurt.
d. Do not work as you are already overworked.

55. Drug addicts are hated because they are criminals.
a. All criminals are hated
b. All hated are drug addicts
c. All hated are criminals.
d. Some criminals are hated

Directions: Find the odd one out

56. a. Chicago b. Seoul c. Kathmandu d. Delhi

57. a. Palace b. Temple c. Church d. Synagogue

58. a. Court b. Witness c. Lawyer d. Judge

59. a. Gallon b. Ton c. Quintal d. Kilogram

60. a. Tale b. Fable c. Parable d. Epigram

Directions: Two words on the left side of the sign (::) bears some relationship.
The same relationship exists between the third word and the word provided in the answer choices. Select the logically best word.

61. Whisper : Shout :: Walk :
a. Race b. Stop c. Run d. Stand

62. Hunger : Food :: Fatigue :
a. Rest b. Eat c. Vitamins d. Sleep

63. Amnesia : Memory :: Paralysis :
a. Movement b. Limbs c. Legs d. Handicapped

64. Cookbook : Recipes :: Manual :
a. Reviews b. Stories c. Articles d. Instructions

65. Guilt : Past :: Hope :
a. Future b. Past c. Sorrowd. Belief

Directions: Look carefully at the sequence of symbols to find the pattern in questions 66-70. Select the correct pattern

  1. If F is the brother of A, C is the daughter of A, K is the sister of F and G is
    the brother of C, then who is the uncle of G?
    a. C b. F c. A d. None
  2. A clock seen through a mirror reads quarter past three, what is the correct
    a. Quarter to nine b. Nine Thirty
    c. Quarter to ten d. Ten Thirty
  3. If ZEBRA can be written as 2652181, how can COBRA be written?
    a. 3152181 b. 302181 c. 31822151 d. 1182153
  4. If Tuesday is five days preceding day after tomorrow, then what day, will it
    be four days following tomorrow?
    a. Friday b. Thursday c. Tuesday d. Wednesday
  5. Two persons are in front one person and two persons are behind one person.
    How many persons are there if they are all facing the same direction?
    a. 3 b. 4 c. 5 d. 6

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