CMAT Model Set – 7 Verbal Ability

Choose the correct synonym for the given word

1. Gauche

  • a. Aimless
  • b. Tactless
  • c. Shameless
  • d. Hopeless

2. Irascible

  • a. Erasable
  • b. Strong
  • c. Wrathful
  • d. Spectacular

3. Nudge

  • a. Push
  • b. Count
  • c. Focus
  • d. Void

4. Brusque

  • a. Antique
  • b. Bulky
  • c. Rough
  • d. Fearless

5. Skedaddle

  • a. Make a loud sound
  • b. Shoot
  • c. Make a fake story
  • d. Run away

Choose the correct meaning of the following phrasal verbs

6. Bear out

  • a. Bear the trouble
  • b. To withdraw
  • c. To support
  • d. To bring to an end

7. Come about

  • a. To happen
  • b. To arrive
  • c. To meet by chance
  • d. To succeed

8. Fall out

  • a. To quarrel
  • b. To drop
  • c. To leave
  • d. To reduce

9. Give in

  • a. To distribute
  • b. Surrender
  • c. Recover
  • d. Tolerate

10. Set on

  • a. start
  • b. Pay attention
  • c. Establish a new business
  • d. Attack

Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition

11. The rabbit lay hidden _______ the bushes

  • a. among
  • b. between
  • c. in
  • d. on

12. ________ the rules, you are not entitled to any leave

  • a. in
  • b. under
  • c. at
  • d. through

13. _______all his qualifications, he could not do well

  • a. for
  • b. with
  • c. above
  • d. over

14. We deal _____ deception.

  • a. for
  • b. at
  • c. on
  • d. in

15. I don’t plan ______ changing.

  • a. to
  • b. in
  • c. for
  • d. on

Choose the correct option as suggested in the question below

16. She is watching _____ television

  • a. a
  • b. the
  • c. X
  • d. an

17. Which will be the correct distributive determiner in the sentence below

I enjoyed ________ moment of my stay here.

  • a. each
  • b. every
  • c. all
  • d. both each and every

18. Which punctuation marks goes in the blank below?

He is a rude guy ____ however, he is very kind to children.

  • a. ; (semi colon)
  • b. : (colon)
  • c. no punctuation
  • d. – (hyphen)

19. The antonym of the word folly is?

  • a. rigid
  • b. wisdom
  • c. fake
  • d. discord

20. The correct meaning of the idiom “eye-wash” is?

  • a. unexpected
  • b. clean
  • c. definite
  • d. deceptive

Read the passage below and choose the correct answers:
Internet Slang
Slang is often taken from social media as a sign of social awareness and shared knowledge of popular culture. This particular branch of slang has become more prevalent since the early 2000s as a result of the rise in popularity of social
networking services, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This has created new vocabularies associated with each new social media venue, such as the use of the term “friending” on Facebook, which is a “verification” of “friend” used to describe the process of adding a new person to one’s list of friends on the website. This term is much older than Facebook, but has only recently entered the popular lexicon. Unlike most slang, social media slang is often not spoken aloud in conversation, but rather written, though it is still not viewed as acceptable in a formal setting. Usually, slangs are considered taboo and squalor of language. Other examples of the slang found in social media include a general trend toward shortened words or acronyms. These are especially associated with services such as Twitter, which has a 140 character limit for each message and therefore requires a briefer, more condensed manner of communication. This includes the use of hashtags which explicitly state the main content of a message or image, such as #food or #photography

21. Slang is all about

a. Creating new vocabularies
b. Trending or showing off in social networking sites
c. Using acronyms, verbs, hashtags
d. Creating buzz and trends

22. Meaning of lexicon is

  • a. Network
  • b.Glossary
  • c. Fashion
  • d. Dimension.

23. Hashtags are meant to be used for

  • a. Uploading pictures and messages on social networking sites
  • b. Creating a trend (usually on twitter)
  • c. Creating a network on related words
  • d. Putting emphasis on main issue

24. The internet slang and its usage is

  • a. Termed as popular culture among the youths
  • b. Not precisely acceptable in all social and formal setting so is rather unacceptable
  • c. More popular in western nations than on the east
  • d. A taboo and must be discouraged

25. The major opprobrium of slang is that:

  • a. Slangs are considered a degradation of language
  • b. Slangs create a trend and makes it easier to communicate in social media
  • c. Slangs are only used in written and online space
  • d. Slangs were not popular before early 2000s.

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