CMAT TU Entrance Exam Model – I General Awareness

Section IV: General Awareness
76. Which is the first industry of Nepal?
a. Biratnagar Jute mills
b. Biratnagar Sugar Mills
c. Hetauda Cement Factory
d. Janakpur Cigarette Factory
77. What is the scientific name of snow leopard?
a. panther tigris
b. panther snow
c. panther maximus
d. panther unicia
78. Which is the first Nepalese bank to get ISO standard?
b. Standard Chartered Bank
c. NABIL Bank
d. NIC Bank
79. Revolon is brand name used for
a. Cosmetics
b. Sports ware
c. Glass ware
d. Pharmaceytical
80. Which famous brand has tagline “Bring Home Europe’s Finest”?
a. Sony
b. Philips
c. Beko
d. Kohle
81. When did Nepal establish a diplomatic relation with Britain?
a. 1814
b. 1818
c. 1820
d. 1822
82. Which bank installed the 1st ATM machine in Nepal?
a. Himalayan Bank
b. NABIL Bank
c. Kumari Bank
83. What is the full form of ACCA
a. Association of Chartered Cost Accountants
b. Association of Certified Chartered Accountants
c. Authorized Certified Chartered Accountants
d. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
84. Who won the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 held in England?
a. South Africa
b. West Indies
c. Australia
d. England
85. Who built the Rani Mahal of Palpa?
a. Chandra Sumsher
b. RudraSen
c. KhadgaSumsher
d. Pratap Malla
86. Who won the Madan Prize 2073 BS?
a. Ram Lal Joshi
b. Ghanashyam Kandel
c.Yuvraj Nayaghare
d. Lil Bahadur Chettri
87 Atlantic Charter gave rise to which organization?
a. EU
b. UNO
c. WTO
d. World Bank
88. Which country is going to host the FIFA World Cup 2018?
a. Russia
b. Qatar
c. Germany
d. Argentina
89. Who is the author of the Novel “PagalBasti”?
a. Jhamak Kumari Ghimire
b. Buddisagar
c. Sarubhakta
d. Amar Neupane
90. On which day is “Corporate Post” of TKP published?
a. Sunday
b. Monday
c. Friday
d. Wednesday
91. OSLO BARS is the stock market of which country?
a. USA
b. Norway
c. Germany
d. China
92. Dual Factorial Theory of Motivation is explained by
a. Abraham Maslow
b. Frederick Herzberg
c. Victor Shiklovosky
d. David McClelland
93. What is the total capacity of BudhiGandaki Hydropower Project?
a. 600 MW
b. 750 MW
c. 546 MW
d. 650 MW
94. SAFTA has come into effect from
a. Jan 1, 2006
b. Jan 1, 2010
c. June 1, 2005
d. June 1, 2008
95. Which is the country to gain independence on Jan 14, 2011?
a. East Timor
b. Montenegro
c. Biafra
d. South Sudan
96. What does PPP signify in Economics?
a. Purchasing Pay Power
b. Public Private Partnership
c. Public Purchasing Power
d. Purchasing Power Parity
97. When is “NRN Day”?
a. June 11
b. Sept. 12
c. Nov. 14
d. Oct. 1
98. Who was the pioneer of “Green Revolution”?
a. Sundar La lBahuguna
b. Dr. Norman Borlaug
c. Mahbub U lHaq
d. William P. Grant
99. ‘Thinking forward, Moving forward’ is the slogan of
a. Sanima Bank
b. Civil Bank
c. Mega Bank
d. NIC Asia
100. The organization of developing countries is
a. G 8
b. G 16
c. G 20
d. UNO

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