CMAT TU Entrance Exam Model – II Verbal Ability

Direction: Choose the words which are exactly the opposite of the given words.
1. Provocation
a. Vocation
b. Pacification
c. Peace
d. destruction

2. Subservient
a. Aggressive
b. Straight-forward
c. Dignified
d. Supercilious
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3. Lend
a. Borrow
b. Cheat
c. Pawn
d. Hire
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4. Faint-hearted
a. Warm-hearted
b. full-blooded
c. Hot-blooded
d. Stout-hearted
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Direction: Select the word which is closest to the meaning of the word.
5. Feeble
a. Weak
b. Arrogant
c. Vain
d. Sick
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6. Transient
a. Transparent
b. fleeting
c. Feeble
d. Fanciful
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7. Bare
a. Uncovered
b. Tolerate
c. Clear
d. Neat
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8. Repeal
a. Sanction
b. Perpetuate
c. Pass
d. Cancel
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Direction: Choose the correct meaning of proverb/idiom.
9. To smell a rat
a. To see signs of plague epidemic
b.To get bad smell of a bad dead rat
c. To suspect foul dealings
d.To be in bad mood
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10. To set one’s face against
a. To oppose with determination
b. To judge by appearance
c. To get out of difficulty
d. To look at one steadily
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Direction: Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of idiom/phrase underlined in the sentence.
11. Sobhraj could be easily arrested because the police were tipped off in advance.
a. Toppled over
b. Bribed
c. Threatened
d. Given advance information
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12. I met him after a long time, but he gave me the cold shoulder.
a. Scolded me
b. Insulted me
c. Abused me
d. Ignored me
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13. He passed himself as a nobleman.
a. Was regarded as
b. Pretended to be
c. Was thought to be
d. Was looked upon
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14. The small child does whatever his father was done.
a. does
b. did
c. has done
d. had done
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15. There are not many men who are so famous that they are frequently referred to by their short names.
a. initials
b. signatures
c. pictures
d. middle names
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Direction: Pick out the most effective word.
16. Fate smiles…..those who untiringly grapple with stark realities of life.
a. with
b. over
c. on
d. round
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17. The miser gazed… the pile of gold coins in front of him.
a. avidly
b. admiringly
c. thoughtfully
d. earnestly
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18. Catching the earlier train will give us the… do some shopping.
a. chance
b. luck
c. possibility
d. occasion
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Direction: Make a correct sentence from the following words.
19. i) I ii) immediately iii) salary iv) my v)want
a. iv,iii,i,ii,v
b. I,v,iv,iii,ii
c. iv,ii,iii,v,i
d. iv,v,i,iii,ii
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20. i) of ii) we iii) heard iv) him v)had
a. ii,v,iii,I,iv
b. iv,ii,iii,v,i
c. v,ii,iii,iv,i
d. ii,v,iv,iii,i
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21. i) do ii) today iii) you iv) must v) it
a. iii,iv,I,v,ii
b. ii,v,iv,I,iii
c. i,ii,v,iv,iii
d. v,I,iii,ii,iv
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Direction: Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end picking the most suitable response to the each questions.
It is to progress in the human science that we must look undo the evils have resulted from knowledge of physical world hastily and superficially acquired by population unconscious of the changes in them that the new knowledge has imperative. The read to a happier world that any known in the past lies open before us if atavistic destructive passion can be kept leash while the necessary adaption are made. Fears are inevitable in time, but hopes are equally rational and far more likely to bear good fruit. We must learn to think rather less of the dangers to be avoided than of the good that will lie and let it dominate our thoughts. Science, whatever unpleasant consequences it may have by the way, is in its very nature a liberator, a liberator of bondage to physical nature and in time to come, a liberator from the on the threshold of utter disaster or unprecedentedly glorious achievement . No previous age has been fraught with problems. So momentous, and it is to science that we must look to for a happy life.
22. What does science liberate from?
a. Fears and descriptive passion
b. Slavery to physical nature and from passion
c. Bondage to physical nature
d. Idealistic hopes of glorious future
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23. Should human sciences be developed because they will
a. Provide more knowledge of the physical world
b. Make us conscious of the changing world
c. Make us conscious of the changing in ourselves
d. Eliminate the destruction caused by a superficial knowledge of the physical world
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24. If man’s bestial yearning is controlled
a. The future will be tolerable
b. The future will be brighter than the present
c. The present will be brighter than the future
d. The present will become tolerable
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25. Fears and hopes according to the author
a. Are closely linked with the life of modern man
b. Can yield good result
c. Can bear fruit
d. Are irrational
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